The Certified DissertationRx Process

"Coaching. It's the process of understanding the needs of our doctoral students, transforming the huge effort that is a dissertation into bite-size pieces, and then providing the constant coaching and feedback that will lead to a successful dissertation defense."

Dr. Matthew Lonam, Founder and CEO

Step One: Preliminary Proposal
Brainstorming At the beginning of your dissertation proposal process, we will help you brainstorm your way to a workable, tightly focused proposal. You'll break through any roadblocks and generate new ideas under the guidance of your advisor.

Step Two: Literature Review
Literature Review The Literature Review is the strong theoretical underpinning of your dissertation. We'll help you be sure that your review is logically organized and properly formatted to meet the requirements of your university. Have you found enough current sources? We will suggest research inquiries you can pursue.

Step Three: Method
Method You have carefully described the research component of your dissertation. We will help you decide on your best plan of attack: Qualitative method? Quantitative method with statistics? A combined approach? Where and when will you do it?

Step Four: Research Analysis
Research Analysis We will conduct an intensive review of the data you have produced, including statistical analysis review and assessment of qualitative data for consistency and internal logic. Our recommendations will help you present your data in its best light.

Step Five: Conclusion and Recommendation
Conclusion and Recommendation This is not just a retelling of your research findings. What are the real conclusions that you have reached? What implications for future research? This is where you explain what it all means. Do your suggestions for future research make sense?

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